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If you are searching for Deep love quotes, here is a big list of 108+ Deep love quotes for him & for her along with images. 

Love is something that couldn’t be described, it should be felt. No one knows, when it arrives to your heart. But be ready. To fall in love deeply with someone. That day, love mean everything for you. This world looks like embodiment of love. deep love can take you so deep that you would cross all the limitations and make anything for the one you love.

If you are in Love you would have known that already. And for all those who are in deep love, here is a big list of Deep Love Quotes. Also included Deep love quotes for her, Deep love quotes for him, Deep sad love quotes, Deep love quotes that make you think.


Deep love quotes for her

Deep Love Quotes

  • I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.
  • I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.
  • You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.
  • If I know what deep love is, it is because of you.
  • One Smile Can’t Change the World but Your Smile Changes Mine
  • I can’t stop thinking about you: today, tomorrow, always.
  • When storm clouds gather and the skies grow dark, I know you will be my shelter and keep me safe from harm.

Deep Love Quotes For Her

  • I’m much more me when I’m with you.
  • Always Kiss Me Goodnight, Always Kiss Me Good Morning.
  • You are my life and you are the only thing that would hurt to lose. I love you more than ever.
  • Being in deep love with you makes every day an interesting one.
  • You are the reason for me to wake up each day with a smile and thank God.
  • I’ve fallen in love many times… always with you.
  • Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Deep Love Quotes Images

  • Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.
  • You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.
  • The greatest thing you’ll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return.

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Deep love quotes for him

  • Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.
  • To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.
  • He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
  • A real woman can do it by herself, but a real man wouldn’t let her.
  • The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead.
  • When you’re gone, nothing feels right until you return.
  • That feeling you get when you see his name appear on your phone.
  • I am passionately in love with him.
  • No, he’s not perfect. But he’s perfect to me !
  • You are my best friend, my human diary and my other half. You mean the world to me and I LOVE YOU.
  • All of me loves all of you
  • You are the prince I’ve dreamt of finding ever since I was a little girl.

Deep Love Quotes With Meaning

  • The real power of a man is the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him.
  • There is a madness in loving you, a lack of reason that makes it feel so flawless
  • In order to be happy oneself it is necessary to make at least one other person happy.
  • Because I could watch you for a single minute and find a thousand things that I love about you

Deep sad love quotes

  • You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.
  • Pleasure of love lasts but a moment. Pain of love lasts a lifetime.
  • Deep Love is like war : easy to begin but very hard to stop.
  • Love is so short, forgetting is so long.
  • You’ll never find someone who loves you as much as I do.
  • I want us to last, I want us to stick together.
  • You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I LOVE YOU.
  • When I’m with you, I feel safe from the things that hurt me inside.

Deep Love Quotes

  • I just want to thank you for being my reason to look forward to the next day.
  • Since you’ve walked into my life, now I see why it didn’t work out with anyone else.
  • A real man spends his time looking for the one worth waking up to.
  • Love is when a man wipes your tears…
  • I was born to love you
  • I love you because you make me feel like I mean something to someone.

Deep Love Quotes Images

  • My Favourite Place in the World is Next to You
  • When Someone Else’s Happiness is Your Happiness, That is Love

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Deep love quotes that make you think

  • When love is not madness it is not love
  • When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the
    distance between us, I love you more than any obstacle that could try and come between us. I love you the most.
  • There’s no substitute for a great love who says, No matter what’s wrong with you, you’re welcome at this table.
  • I hope you know that every time I tell you to get home safe, stay warm, have a good day, or sleep well what I am really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it is starting to steal other words’

Deep Love Quote

  • At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.
  • When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
  • I wish I could turn back the clock. I’d find you sooner and love you longer.
  • I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.
  • My favourite place in the world is lying in your arms, gazing into your beautiful eyes.
  • To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed.
  • Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you. I can only just see you.
  • I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything.
  • My six-word love story: I can’t imagine life without you.
  • I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn’t love myself.

Deep Love Quotes

Deep Love Quotes For Him

  • I want you. All of you. Your flaws. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you, and only you
  • The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.
  • I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.
  • I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.
  • I realised I was thinking of you, and I began to wonder how long you’d been on my mind. Then it occurred to me: Since I met you, you’ve never left.
  • To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.
  • The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.
  • All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love.
  • Where there is love there is life
  • Thank you for staying even if you had every reason to leave. Thank you for making it easier when life gets hard.
  • My world is full of smiles whenever I think of you.
  • Thank you, my love, for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • If I could sit across the porch from God, I’d thank Him for lending me you.
  • Someone who truly loves you sees what a mess you can be but still wants to be with you.
  • I wanna hear a guy says “I made plans for us.”
  • All other men seemed pale beside him.
  • The moment when he rolls over, puts his arms around me and pulls me closer in his sleep. This makes life complete.
  • Yeah, I know he’s cute. But he’s mine. Touch him and I’ll kill you !
  • The best feeling is when you look at him and he’s already staring.
  • You are the guy all my love quotes are all about.
  • God sent you into my life. You are a gift from the heaven.
  • A gentleman wants to show his partner that she is valuable and worthy of respect.
  • Cute lady need cute boy and I’m here for the same.
  • Every night I think of you before bed with the hopes of having you in my dreams.
  • If I had to choose between loving you and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I love you.
  • Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world. Finding you is the first.
  • Let me love you if not for the rest of you life then for the rest of mine.
  • All I want is to sleep and wake up next to you.
  • I smile like an idiot when I’m talking to you. Doesn’t matter if it’s in person or through text or anything else. I just smile because it’s you.
  • Heaven is a place on Earth when you are around.
  • A true man dose not need to romance a different girl every night, a true man romances the same girl for the rest of her life.
  • When I’m with you, hours feel like seconds. But when we’re apart, days feel like years.
  • In the middle of life, love enters and make it a fairy tale.
  • When I’m sad don’t look at me, just kiss me.
  • The happiest moment I have ever felt was that moment I discovered you loved me too.
  • I love you for who your from the inside. The lovely looking outside is just a bonus.
  • Love is not a maybe thing. You know when you’re in love.
  • I fell in love with you, I don’t know why or how. I just did.
  • I think our love can do anything we want it to.

Deep Love Quotes

  • Be with someone who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.
  • Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I use to.
  • One day I caught myself smiling for no reason, then I realised I was thinking of you.
  • I’m selfish because I will never share you with anyone else.
  • You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you !
  • Don’t marry someone you can live with. Marry the person who cannot live without.
  • I promise you no one will ever love you like I do.
    The world’s happiest couple never has the same character. They just have the best understanding of their difference.
  • Being someone’s first love may be great but to be their last is beyond perfect.
  • The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends.
  • Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

Here they come to end. Hope you love this. if you got some other best deep love quote, share them in the comments below. Also don’t forget to bookmark this post.

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