Hi, My name is Amarnath. And I am a photographer by profession. I spend most of my time with camera capturing the beautiful moments happening in this world. Photography motivates me & it helps me to look this world from different perspective.

The second thing that motivates me after photography is, words by great personalities. I strongly feel that, lines by great people can make you great ( only if you could follow them perfectly ). They can change our mood. They can make us happy, they can make us strong, they can take us into another world.

And this is the main reason why I started this website ” Quotes In Images “. Well again, why in images ? Because an image can speak thousand words.

I along with my friends run this website to help people find some good quotes by great people so that it helps people move forward in their life both physically & emotionally.

Well, this is all about me & my website.

By the way, thanks for your immense interest in knowing about me & for your patience in reading all this stuff. Now please go and read some interesting posts in the blog. Thanks, keep visiting.